PPTTC :Diploma In Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The preprimary teachers training course includes.

THEORY: Includes Four subjects

Practical work

Teaching Aids

Presentation and discussions

On the job training and Demo classes.


Module 1: Child Psychology & Educational Psychology

The subject will provide an understanding of development principles from conception to six years of age. Participants will learn to identify and promote children’s development major milestones within the area of physical, motor, social, personal, emotional, cognitive, language & moral development. It aims at creating awareness about the various issues faced by both normal children and children with special needs. It will enable to understand the process of bringing about positive change in the lives of children

Module 2: Nutrition Health and Hygiene

This subject explores holistic health and wellness principles to support children’s development. Emphasis is placed on strategies to promote children’s understanding of good health and nutritional habits, personal hygiene and First Aid

Module 3-: Principles of Early Childhood Education

This subject will provide an overview of the field of Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on quality care & learning. Students will examine historical perspectives, theories of curriculum & the different approaches to preschool education

Module 4: School Organization and Administration

This subject will explore the various techniques of working with children. It will enable the participant to design and implement programs and curriculum to meet the development needs of children.

Practical: The practical work is the soul of the PPTTC.

Teaching File: This forms an integral part of the course, it is planned to introduce the basic skills of writing, reading, and creative activities, the practical work is child-centered and enhances the skills of a teacher. Teaching File Includes:

Creative learning techniques: The creative record deals with the creativity side of the pre & primary education, it deals with colors, drawing, coloring, and collage work.

Readiness activities: Introduces the trainee to the academic aspect of the pre-primary class

Teaching Aids: Use of teaching aids are the most traditional and authentic method,

it helps the children in overall development, we make the trainee teacher understand and meet the needs of young children.

Example:  letters and numbers flash cards, rhymes and story flash cards, charts and models.

By the end of this course each of the student teachers would:

  1. Understand the rights and developmental needs of children from conception to the age of eight years
  2. Become aware of the influence of early as well as modern thinkers in early childhood care and education
  3. Understand, analyze and reflect on the perspectives, priorities, and problems of early childhood education in an integrated manner;
  4. Implement the child-centered methodology of E.C.C.Ed for transacting the curriculum at the pre-primary stage of education.
  5. Become aware of the significance of early years and holistic development and its implications in later life.
  6. Develop strategies to promote growth and development in different domains with the whole child perspective
  7. Use of the variety of materials and creative techniques to engage children in enhancing their imagination.
  8. Understand normal patterns of growth and the nutritional requirements of children.