5 Of The Best Makeup Methods For Black Women

5 Of The Best Make-Up Methods For Black Women

Statistics show that the amount of Black women who have never been married is nearly twice as high as White women. Not many people have a theory for why this is, but one thing for sure is that the Black community has a shortage of Black men. A large portion of Black men are unfortunately in jail or dead due to violence. But these are not the primary reasons for why many Black women aren’t married.

On the areas of breakage, it’s important to stimulate them along with adding moisture. You can do this by getting hot oil treatments regularly and also applying a daily hair moisturizer. This act will give your hair a chance to repair itself. Also, don’t forget to wash your hair and condition on a regular basis. Clean hair always grows better.

I haven’t crossed the street yet but nevermind what Ochocinco wants. White men, it seems, love black women it seems. Proof? J-Date has become one of the hottest interracial pick up spots for BWD (Black Women Dating) along with love sites like AfroRomance.

Men are men. They are entitled to their preferences just like women are and when two people click they click. I feel like people always assume there is an ulterior motive when there is an interracial relationship between a white girl and a black guy. And I’m sure sometimes there is, just like with any group of people. You have gold diggers and manipulators and girls that are just trying to get pregnant but I don’t think it’s fair to assume that for all white women white women black men dating site.

After about five or ten minutes of unsuccessfully trying to open the door, a police car pulled beside us. An officer got out and asked us what we were doing. I explained that it was my car and I lived there, but he asked for proof. I ran inside and got my identification, while he called-in my license plate.

Even now, white and black dating sites of all ages give me the most unwelcoming looks, and sometimes talk to me rudely. I’m a nice girl, I look at people and smile. I always say, “Hey, how ya’ doin'” to people I don’t know. I usually get it in return, but I don’t always get it back from interracial dating sites for black women and white men.

If you experience hair breakage, it’s most likely a result of chemicals. Super strong relaxers coupled with hair dye can cause Black hair to fall out – even when applied by an experienced stylist. So think back to when your hair began to break. Was it right after a chemical treatment of some sort? Try to avoid the application of chemicals for a few weeks to allow your natural hair to grow back. Then, reconsider a different hair style that doesn’t involve chemicals that will destroy your hair.

But, let us not forget that some Black men do. At the very least, our lovers, sons, fathers, brothers, and the Black men that truly matter to us do care about the wellbeing of us Black women in both word and deed.

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